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‘Political’ attack is unfounded


As councilmen for the city of Dunkirk, we must respond to the false accusation made by Councilman Shaun Heenan at a recent Council meeting regarding the recent Grand Prix Offshore Boat Race.

The council was informed and had numerous opportunities to discuss the race. Mayor Wilfred Rosas not only discussed this at length in the 2018 budget meetings, but there were several resolutions brought to council for approval regarding various aspects of this event.

As councilmen sworn to protect the taxpayers’ dollars, we feel personally affronted by Heenan’s remarks. Either the councilman does not understand that he voted for these resolutions or his attack is purely political.


Second Ward Common Council,


Fourth Ward Common Council

Getting informed on wind energy


As you most likely are aware, the town of Portland is looking to update their large wind energy facilities law. The general consensus of several residents is that very few townspeople are adequately informed. I must be clear, the Portland Town Board has been accommodating and transparent, but there is just so much they can do.

I have been putting together a web site for folks to observe. For those interested, it can be found at https://portlandwind.yolasite.com/



Mayor missing from events


Recently the residents and staff of WCA Home on Temple Street in Fredonia held an open house and art show. The public responded wholeheartedly. Residents’ creative handwork and artwork were sold.

The Fredonia mayor was issued an invitation, but to no avail. She didn’t attend the open house or telephone a conflict or busy schedule, much to the residents’ disappointment. However, it was learned that she did visit Fredonia Place!

A few days later, I called her office for a conversation, but again, no return call.

Communication is necessary between elected political individuals and the public. Why did the Fredonia Mayor choose to act in this way by ignoring the public’s concerns? Shame on her!

Election days are approaching. Voters will remember those ignored invitations by the mayor.



Put clinic at new regional hospital


Kaleida Heath ought to take this opportunity to inform everyone in our area that a decision to place a “much needed Methadone Clinic” should be left to the individuals who selected the “best location” for our new Regional Hospital. The location should be at the New Regional Hospital.

Who better to assess the needs of patients with addiction tendencies, than a — state of the art — medical facility? As a matter of fact, Kaleida should look into expanding their facility to include opioid addiction, vaping, behavioral problems as well as other health related issues.

As regional facility at the forefront of community needs, Kaleida should, before the first shovel hits the ground, submit to the community their plans for facility planning, security, and landscaping issues, etc.

Who better to assess the needs of our communities than “Kaleida.”


educator, former administrator,

former Board of Education member,