People’s column

St. George helped make things happen


Reading the “Publisher’s notebook” article headlined “St. George’s commitment ‘larger than life’ ” (Oct. 11) brought back beautiful memories while touching our hearts, especially mine.

I remember his involvement in the late 1970s, when he participated in a meeting with Sheridan residents regarding the Roberts Road landfill. Mayor St. George, along with Congressman Stan Lundine, brought federal representatives to the gathering that led to helping fund problems in the town.

At that time, residents were getting ill, especially children. Getting clean water to homes — for drinking and bathing — was a problem. The landfill started 90 feet high at the time. This group was responsible for the Dunkirk-Chautauqua Airport. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

The Roberts Road landfill should never be opened to any one for any thing.

Water is our most valuable commodity. Recently, Dunkirk Public Works opened a sewer line that comes down to Hyde Creek at Wright Beach by the water treatment plant letting 28,000 gallons of untreated sewer water in Lake Erie. Our drinking water plant sits between two wastewater treatment plants — one for Fredonia, the other for the city. This does not always bode well for city water users.

Thank you OBSERVER for the article. Let’s all fight for the Brooks hospital and train station and keep supporting our incubator. Thank you and God bless.