People’s column

Candidate needs to have more respect


What is with the constant bashing of the city mayor’s staff by Paul VanDenVouver? He has called for the resignation of the human resources director, city attorney and the mayor’s executive assistant all because of his personal relationship with a previous employee who retired.

Mr. VanDenVouver does not have his facts straight. The salary figures he quoted for the three individuals is incorrect.

Maybe the taxpayers need to know that it was Mr. VanDenVouver who not only recommended and introduced my husband, David Campola, to Mayor Wilfred Rosas, but he gave the mayor my husband’s resume. Now because of a personal relationship with a previous retired employee, he has allowed the best interest of the city to be pushed aside.

At the League of Women Voters debate, Mr. VanDenVouver talked about family values, but he does not practice these in his own life. If his personal attitude is more important than the best interest of the residents of the city of Dunkirk, how does Mr. VanDenVouver, plan to serve if elected?

If so, not my husband, but you, Mr. VanDenVouver, are the one who should be ashamed of yourself.



The free life found in California


Awhile back, Richard Makuch wrote a piece entitled, “Spending the money others earned.”

So what happens to the hard earned money you make? In Southern California it goes to pay surfers to sit on the beach all day, surf some, drink some, work on their tan and generally hang out until dinner time when they will either spend your money on fast food and beer or bum a free meal. During the time they are “sand rats,” they prop up their boards and take off for the unemployment office to collect more of your money.

When they return, they laugh and joke with their friends — who are also collecting your money — about all the brainless people who actually work for a living and brag about how they beat the system and that they are really the whip-smart and savvy ones.

I observed this disgusting behavior as I sat with my child on the beach nearby listening to their rants and inane judgments. And they should vote at age 16?