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City mayor puts priority on water


Dunkirk is a city on the Lake. We have a mayor with a vision, of how far we can take our wonderful resource and make it work in our favor.

Dunkirk’s water filtration plant is the biggest project we have had these past four years and I don’t believe people know. It has cost millions, but as they say and it is so in this case, you have to spend money to make money.

We have also received grants and a 0% loan from the state for this project. It is now in tip-top shape and we are now the proud supplier for the entire North County district. So, we now have a bigger customer base with increased revenue, $400,000 per year.

We will be able to offer this clean water to even more areas that do not have our advantage. Also, we can now include more industry because we have the correct water supply to offer. This means more jobs and revenue to come.

Local water sustains life. At a time when drought has plagued several US states and many countries around the world, living near a large body of fresh water is an immense blessing. Treating our lake right will mean the residents in the surrounding area will have a reliable source of water forever. Are we not lucky? We sure are!

We finally have a mayor that matches what our city is capable of. Thank you, Mayor Wilfred Rosas!



Kirkpatrick’s true colors often show


I generally need to take a deep breathe before reading Thomas Kirkpatrick’s ideological commentaries. He has a perfect right to speak his mind and voice his view of the local and national political landscapes as he sees it or as he would like to see it.

Unfortunately like most ideologues, being objective, realistic or even handed is not the way he operates.

In his Oct. 17 commentary, instead of accepting the fact that the House of Representatives has a constitutional obligation to investigate allegations of presidential misconduct, Kirkpatrick personally attacks the designated leader of the House inquiry. That is right out of the Trump playbook.

If you are accused, attack the accuser. I hate to tell Kirkpatrick but the pending impeachment proceedings are anything but a fairy tale.

If he thinks only the elite hate President Trump, then 60% of the voters are elitist. Kirkpatrick can’t accept the fact that Trump is unqualified, morally and intellectually, to lead the Nation.


Silver Creek


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