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Village mayor bringing results


It’s the results that matter. Mayor Athanasia Landis, during her first term in office, led several projects to completion including: $6.4 million upgrade to the wastewater and filtration plant; $1.8 million resolution — critical to residents who reside on six village streets — to decade’s long water quality problems; repaving a large portion of Central Avenue; repairing the steps leading to village hall and consequently the removal of the chronic yellow tape that once surrounded the entrance. Village taxes remained unchanged during this time.

Landis also secured funds to help kick start the economic development and revitalization of our downtown area. Among the planned projects are upgrades to Barker Commons, downtown business facades and street improvements, and renovations to the 1891 Opera House.

Among the mayor’s goals, concurrent with revitalization, is attracting private sector investments to the business district. Related to economic development and critically important to the well-being of our community is the mayor’s ongoing pursuit of a $70 million regional health care facility.

I support Mayor Landis and look toward four more years of results that matter.



Another term for Rosas makes sense


Common sense: Using good sense and sound judgment. Common sense can be clouded by catchy slogans, biases, solicited or unsolicited alliances, friendships, fears and lack of knowledge. Common sense tells me that voting for Wilfred Rosas for mayor of the city of Dunkirk is a no brainer.

The following reasons help to make this judgment easy:

1. The improvements along the lakefront, from Wright Park to the Point, and especially the Pier. It’s a welcoming sight for visitors and promotes one of our more valuable resources. And all of this without raising taxes while using federal and state grants instead.

2. Additional jobs with the new freezer plant, helping with Athenex, upcoming additions to Fieldbrook Foods. This brings a needed boost to our economy and gives a chance to our kids for a future here.

3. Attracting out-of-towners to our city with added festivals, concerts and city events. This brings in added dollars to our retailers and restaurants

4. The potential addition of space for city hall employees (the Stearns Building) thereby saving money by not having to build another structure and using far less city revenue, therefore saving the taxpayers.

5. Encouraging and being a force in the development of the north county water district, adding revenue to the city.

6. Improvements to our city water and sewage plants, thereby protecting our future in those areas.

7. Taxes are always an issue around election time. This administration has held the line on taxes throughout Mayor Rosas’ four years in office, without cutting jobs or services. The only way to cut taxes would be to cut city jobs and services. Do taxpayers want that? Why project a fear for future revenues, that doesn’t exist, when we have a surplus of one million dollars!

All of this requires time and energy that Mayor Rosas has put in with trips to Albany to explain our needs, meetings with corporate heads to negotiate industrial additions to the area to create jobs and protect our future, to meet with local groups and citizens to help them with additions and reconstruction (such as the senior citizens center and our historical museum).

He continues to support groups like Revitalize Dunkirk and any other group willing to put time and effort to renew our city. He has taken his own time to show up to the many events sponsored by the city and others. He has nothing to hold him back, no business to run and support. His business is Dunkirk! He deserves our votes for all he’s done for this community.



Rosas has city on right path


Our city buildings, streets and parks are brighter thanks to Mayor Wilfred Rosas. The taxpayers will see savings to the city electric bill.

Dunkirk is moving forward and that is because of the vision of this mayor. He worked with the New York state governor and other elected and appointed officials to find money and support for changing all the lights in the city to LED.

Just go by the ball field next to Wright Park and look at the lights around the stadium. People talk about how the mayor plans to make up for the loss of money from NRG, well this is just one way that he is working to make up this loss, by saving the city $250,000 per year. We need to keep Rosas in office.




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