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Writer’s view proves misunderstanding


In his commentary (Oct. 28) criticizing “this administration” for “neglecting the downtown business district” in Dunkirk, Richard Makuch accuses the administration as being “already in the hands of illegals.” Clearly he is unaware, or in denial, of the fact that the mayor and others in his administration of Puerto Rican descent, are as much native/natural born U.S. citizens, as he is.

Mr. Makuch’s message is as clear now as it was some time ago when he referred to those favoring a Hispanic-speaking fireman position, as “you people.”

The depths to which he will sink in his attempts to disparage and dismiss those with whom he disagrees by virtue of their political beliefs, or ethnicity, clearly has no limits. Using ad hominem attacks, especially those based in falsehoods vs. the facts, have no useful purpose. Ever.

One would hope that an apology from Mr. Makuch would be forthcoming. If not, then at least a cessation of his scurrilous attacks.



Turbines come,

taxes still go up


This is an open letter to the Town Board of Arkwright and to the Forestville school district.

The giant turbine and windmills, as I was told, were going to help our area in economic ways.

My question is this has anyone heard just how much the school district is receiving from the windmill farm per year. I have not heard or seen any statements on this anywhere. Our school taxes went up 6.3% what gives?

If all this money is being generated why are taxes going up instead of down? We should be having some of the lowest taxes anywhere in the state but yet they increase.

Arkwright town officials and Forestville school officials please clear this matter up by posting in the OBSERVER just what monetary benefits the town of Arkwright and Forestville school district are receiving. And how much the town receives in revenue each year from the wind farm. It should be public knowledge and not that hard to produce.

Otherwise it seems we have been had as to promises made by Officials in charge of the many benefits we would get.


Arkwright land owner

Family grateful

for benefit support


We would like to thank each and every single person and business who contributed to The Tatyana Fred’s Benefit and helped make it a successful one. The generosity, love, prayers and support that was shown toward Tatyana and her family, will be one that will never be forgotten.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you all.

Blessings and lots of love,

TATYANA and the entire



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