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Wind comments are hot air


In response to Dr. Ellen Banks thoughts concerning offshore turbines, it is not true that the turbines will not affect the fish industry.

She said the cod fish are starting to come back, why did they leave in the first place?

These turbines that have been going up have ruined the landscape of Chautauqua County. Why the protest signs were not allowed is beyond me.

Any government official who would vote for this project should not be re-elected. Dr. Banks is a not being truthful when she says the turbines will not be seen along the shoreline.

From my residence, I can observe the wind turbines along the Canadian shoreline.

Even though she is a member of the Sierra Club, it does not give credibility to what she states. If you do not believe someone is being paid off by these big businesses, you are fooling yourself. They are ruining Western New York and Chautauqua County for their own benefit.



Region needs

to open clinic


Family and friends are dying from drug addictions. I can’t believe local politicians are turning this into a political football.

A methadone clinic can be life saving. Shame on all of us.

If two groups offer to establish a clinic, why wouldn’t they present their programs, so the best one can bar selected? Points brought up in a recent OBSERVER article were, “only a couple of dozen who would use the clinic.”

How many have died because they couldn’t get to the clinic?

One plan would bring in 400 clients, from out of area? It is a good thing the clinic in Buffalo didn’t feel the same way. Then our children and family members would have zero clinics to attend!

One of the original locations on Third Street was declined because of a nearby school. This is understandable, but previous clients there included addicts, parolees, some possibly child molesters, some convicted of violent crimes and various mental issues. A Methadone Clinic would be a step up.

Prayerfully none of the children in that school will ever need a methadone clinic. Stop thinking of only the negative. The city, and our surrounding towns, need this.




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