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Mayor must help in transition


I would like to quote the Fredonia outgoing mayor’s Facebook post from Nov. 5:

“In fairness to tonight’s election, and to me, starting tomorrow I will only do my very basic duties, meetings and paper signing when needed.

Grants, infrastructure projects, hospital, communications with the state, and other meetings should be taken over by anyone who is willing to do so.”

Who does this? I would like to remind Mayor Athanasia Landis that she is still being paid by our tax dollars, and that her job now is to make the transition to the new mayor smooth for the sake of the village that she claims to care so much about.

If she has begun grants and projects, it is her duty to continue to meet deadlines and to provide the information to the next administration to make sure that these projects come to fruition. It is unprofessional to torpedo everything she can in order to make the new mayor’s job difficult as some sort of payback.

Landis needs to put her personal feelings aside and act like the professional she claims to be. The governance of our village is no place for childish and vindictive behavior. It’s time for her to take the high road and do what she knows is right.



Elected officials serve country


Where’s the outrage? How is it that Mitch McConnell can block, hinder and delay so many resolutions that have already passed the House?

No one person from either party should have the power to obstruct the legislative process the way he has. Let’s stop putting up with this nonsense by putting a time limit on bringing resolutions to a Senate vote.

It’s time for Republicans in Congress to show some courage by actually starting to govern. Forget about your precious re-election; your responsibility is to the American people, not to your career, your party, or your president.

We the people deserve better, and we’ll do whatever it takes to elect men and women who know how to lead, negotiate, and compromise so we can restore the glory to this great country.



former Gowanda resident


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