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In answer to the question: why have school taxes gone up, not down?

Sad to say but the people of Arkwright were not paying attention to the Town Board over the past eight years. The Arkwright Wind Farm was all a sham, and destroyer of people and property in Arkwright.

Your former board didn’t really care about the people who paid them. Thank God many of them were voted out this November. We need the people of Arkwright to help the incoming board stop the insanity we inherited. Already an official web site is being worked on for open communication. We can only turn this Titanic around with the residents’ suggestions.

After I take office in Wednesday, I will be taking personal phone calls — I’m in the phone book — on Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon. Please call, I want to get to know whom I am serving.


Arkwright Town Board-elect


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