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Save lives,

not canals


I read an article in the OBSERVER earlier this month that Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced $300 million to revamp the Erie Canal. I thought throwing this money around while our local hospitals are closing due to lack of funds is irresponsible.

I really think that money would be much better spent on saving lives instead of a canal. Our people need to come first. You have seniors who need help along with children, accident victims who need emergency care without it they will die.

Maybe he could also take some of that wasted money spent on those turbines he had installed by the Thruway, which no longer work, and sell them for scrap along with the signs he posted along the Thruway which had to come down and scrap them also.

Do you realize what $300 million could do in our small communities in Chautauqua County and Erie County? Lakeshore is in desperation in Irving and Brooks is needed in Dunkirk. Let’s put the canal on the back burner and use this money to make these hospitals profitable again and find ways of streamlining them making them multi-functional. If you’re going to waste money at least use it on saving lives, not canals.


Silver Creek

Candidate offers thanks


This is a little late coming and I apologize. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Republican party, the Independence party, and the Conservative party for their endorsements and the people who allowed me to put signs in their yards as well as the people who took the time to talk to me and wish me well while I was walking the village during the campaign.

Thank you to those who supported my campaign and most of all, I would like to thank all those village residents who showed enough confidence in me to vote for me in the election.

Thank you also to George Borrello and congratulations. I know that you will make a great senator for our region. Thank you to Doug and Julie Essek, Vicky Cunningham and Roland Rose for their support during the campaign. Congratulations to Doug for a well-run campaign and I know he will work hard for the village residents.

Best wishes as well to all the trustees of the village of Fredonia and those who were elected throughout Chautauqua County.



Bail reform

adds to crime


In response to the new bail reform bill that went into effect Jan. 1, you have got to be kidding.

Whoever wrote this bill is an idiot, along with the governor who signed it. It has only been in effect for more than three weeks and already there have been numerous occasions where individuals have committed burglaries and other crimes and have been released without bail.

I know there needs to be bail reform, but this bill is ridiculous. In one occasion an individual committed four bank robberies within a week. He was released without bail and proceeded to commit another bank robbery. Maybe Gov. Andrew Cuomo should start worrying more about the citizens of New York state rather than the individuals of Puerto Rico.

He gives illegal aliens free phones, drivers licenses, and the right to vote. I think he is the worst governor that New York State has ever had.

I cannot wait to see one of these individuals that has been released without bail commit a crime against one of his loved ones. Cuomo will do anything for a vote.




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