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Catholic School is engine that can


As Catholic Schools’ Week draws to a close, the Board of Trustees and the entire Northern Chautauqua Catholic School family would like to thank OBSERVER writer Mary Heyl and Publisher John D’Agostino for highlighting our school in recent articles. NCCS would also like to thank Dunkirk Mayor Wilfred Rosas, Fredonia Mayor Doug Essek and local celebrity Bob Bankoski for being judges at our annual dessert contest. Dessert, YUM!

Our extreme gratitude is also extended to Superintendent of Catholic Schools Dr. Michael LaFever, Assistant Superintendents Mr. Christian Riso and Ms. Erica Aiken, the Upon This Rock team, the STREAM Grant Committee and the Diocese of Buffalo. Once the Diocese recognized the NCCS Team’s resolve and determination to remain open, they have been steadfast in their support of us ever since.

Finally, thank you to all of our generous benefactors and supporters, too numerous to mention here. Regardless of whether you donated money or goods, or invested your time in the manner of labor, supportive word of mouth and/or prayers, all of you have been instrumental in keeping our school open and helping us to move forward into a bright future. Your NCCS family truly appreciates what you’ve done. Most importantly, our loving God knows of your efforts on His behalf. Thank you for your continued and generous support of Northern Chautauqua Catholic School.


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Unions can be destructive


Unions have destroyed American manufacturing, especially steel. Wilson, Truman, Ike and JFK had severe problems with unions.

Truman tried to nationalize steel due to unions striking but failed. JFK begged unions to stop striking. See the book, “The Unraveling of America” by Allen Matusow on Pages 38-42. Unions started out as a terrorist organization in America. Many bombings and murder to promote union activities.

The Pinkertons were formed to hunt union terrorists. See the book, “Pinkerton’s Greatest Detective” by Beau Riffenberg. See “Deadly Times” by Lew Irwin. From 1907-1911, more than 200 union done bombings. Scores killed.

A recent Thomas Regelski column promoting the unions proves he is confused.




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