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System built for incumbents


This made me laugh.

“If somebody’s doing a good job and they’ve been there 12 years, you’re going to tell them they can’t run for re-election? ? It should be up to the public. That’s why we have elections.”

The fact is that some politicians use name recognition, incumbency and voter apathy to remain in office for extended periods of time. This occurs at the local level all the way up to the federal level.

Term limits should be in place for any elected office. Even if the pol is allowed to run again after having left the office for the same amount of time. Serve two two-year terms, take four years off and run again.

I believe there are competent people that would run for an elected office, and could do a great job, but fighting the in-place system proves to be too arduous a task. So many backs to scratch, so many promises to make. If you are not on the right list, well, forget it.

The only way term limits could ever be enacted is if the aforementioned apathetic voters demanded it, The pols know they will not, nor will those pols take it upon themselves to write themselves out of a job.

As someone once said, and I close with, “That’s that”.



Donations keep camp churning


This is a letter to the many generous businesses and individuals helping Camp Gross. Recently we experienced great acknowledgements of how kind and helpful we can be if we work together and keep politics out of the picture.

All of those wonderful people from around the world were able to put their hearts back in Chautauqua County and pull together for Fredonia. This is how we should all contribute to making Western New York a better place. The original intent of this letter was to thank so many generous businesses and individuals who donate regularly to the Camp Gross Annual Fund Drive, many giving sizable amounts to keep Camp Gross available for use by youth groups and youth agencies.

This year we were especially grateful to Athenex for distributing funds from their golf tournament in the amount of $2,000. Other donations in that special category include Cassadaga Community Bank, the Sheldon Foundation, Fredonia Animal Hospital, Dunkirk Professional Firefighters, Cummins Engine Employees and National Grid Employees.

Individuals in that category include Robert Maytum, Ron Rzepkowski, John and Marilyn Panek and memorial donations from Dean Temple family. We are grateful for all of our donors and groups that donate time for camp improvements/upkeep. Many, together, can accomplish greatness! Thank you from the board of directors of Camp Gross.




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