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Easter well

worth celebrating


This is the time of the year when we celebrate the many blessings that the season brings. Although we may not be able to attend church or visit with our friends and families, we can still take time out to celebrate Easter and all that it has to offer.

Let us take this opportunity to wish each of you a happy and healthful Easter Holiday.




Some stores need to add protection


Why is it that none of the pharmacies in our area have sanitizing wipes when you enter? Of all places they should be the first to provide this. I mentioned this last week at one of them.



Cuomo can’t be picky on ventilators


This is an open letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. I find your recent threat of taking upstate ventilators very seriously especially when you send the the National Guard to confiscate them. This area will need them soon as you have said the virus is coming this way.

I applaud our leaders in upstate to say no and to not allow this.

One of the biggest problems is being truthful with the public. I just found out that Remington Arms sent Cuomo a letter, March 23 offering to use its Ilion factory to build respirators during the corona irus crisis. Officials had not heard a word back from him.

This is the governor’s phone number — 518-474-8390. Ask why is he not accepting help from Remington Arms.


Silver Creek


message hurts U.S.


I am so upset about our 45th president changing his mind on how people should stay safe. One day he tells us to stay away from parks and beaches on another day he is allowing the governor of Georgia to open his states beaches without any consequences.

Our supposed leader now thinks it’s a good idea to open parks and beaches? I am confused to the point of going insane.

This is like knowing a bomb is going to drop out of the sky and kill some of us, if not all of us. But this you cannot see and you never know when it will strike us.

Most of America, I am sure, feels the same way I do. I am pleading for a leader like President Abraham Lincoln who pulled this nation through the Civil War.

We need a true patriot. Please stay safe everyone.



Month of Young Child loud, proud


April 1 has always been a day of anticipation, excitement, and pride in the field of Early Care and Education — especially in Chautauqua County. It marked the beginning of our month-long celebration of the Month of the Young Child.

The Month of the Young Child is an annual event sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Its purpose is to focus public attention on the needs of young children and their families and to recognize the early childhood programs and services that work to meet those needs.

This year’s Month of the Young Child is markedly different. There will be no publicly attended proclamations by our esteemed elected officials, no music and movement events, no parades, and no special story hours with guest readers at our local libraries. All of these wonderful events will have to wait.

In spite of the overwhelming quiet there will be in the absence of our traditional events, the message of the Month of the Young Child could not be any louder than it is this year. child-care centers, as essential businesses, have continued to do what they have always done –provide high quality care and education to young children and enable the state workforce to continue providing essential services.

This year’s Month of the Young Child theme: “Every Child’s Story Deserves a Good Beginning” rings even truer in light of this crisis we are in. We only get one childhood — our children deserve a strong foundation from the start. Early Childhood programs are a vital component in the web of “programs and services that work to meet those needs.”

I am beyond proud to be connected to a group of professionals that is committed to high-quality programming and advocacy for children and families.

Happy Month of the Young Child!


Chautauqua County Month of the Young Child chairwoman


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