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Crisis has been chaos for Trump


This is in response to the commentary “Trump’s leadership shines through in crisis” (April 13). Let’s cut right to the chase.

President Donald Trump and his administration knew about this virus back in February. He chose not to do anything because he was worried about his election possibilities.

So as far as his daily propaganda briefing, they are as bogus as they come. Even the doctor has said said lives could have been saved had he acted when he should have. In short he has the lives of all those people that have passed on his hands. Just ask the governors around the country about his actions.

He is no more presidential than a pet rock. His lies and deceptions have been numbered at more than 20,000 over his time in office. If we can excuse all his attacks on people through out the last three years, we certainly cannot excuse the loss of life he has caused.

Those who have assisted in this debacle he has caused will ultimately pay the price. His supporters will eventually have to have a calling and admit this person has no business trying to run the country. He has bankrupted businesses, he has employed illegals while trying to shut the borders.

He and his family voted by mail, but he doesn’t want you or I to do the same thing. I realize that when you get your news from the right, there is no other way for you to think.

Thinking further where did all this money come from all of a sudden? I am not against the helping the small businesses and the average people. Soon, our tax dollars will be helping industry giants — those in oil and pharmaceuticals. Will that really be necessary?



Energy siting plans are dangerous recipe


Many folks may not be aware that the pared down catastrophic budget for New York state includes new authority for renewable energy siting that can ultimately dictate where and how these projects get approved and located, and there’s nothing local communities can do about it.

In Dunkirk and surrounding areas, we lost a major employer and taxpayer when the power plant closed while our lights are kept on primarily from electric imports from Pennsylvania, including a large chunk from coal fired power generation.

Then we watched as environmentalists dictated an accelerated way to site and build new renewable projects by taking away community input – and in many cases opposition – to projects that communities either didn’t want, or weren’t happy with benefits to the community.

The zealot advocates for renewables all used terms such as “just transition” for communities losing power plants, and that “commensurate local green jobs” would replace lost fossil employment.

Reading about all the out of state workers doing the construction work on the Cassadaga wind farm was an outrage – punctuated by the pandemic worries of out of towners going back and forth with potential for virus spread.

Are the local construction workers at full employment, and unable to capture some off “local green jobs” falsely promised? Where are our legislators that should have made damn sure that we didn’t get rolled with the new siting laws? This is bad and getting worse for those that deserve better representation than we’ve been getting!



International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers,



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