Let’s all be proud of health-care workers


It is Nurse and Hospital week once again. What a time to be in the health-care business and what a time to be a provider.

Never in our history have we seen or experienced the pandemic of today. Some areas have been hard hit while other areas remain almost unscathed.

We have been lucky locally. Thanks in part to the closing of our society, social distancing and our health-care workers. As we open up and allow more business’s to expand we run the risk of seeing increased cases of COVID-19. Wear a mask when out in public, keep your social distance and practice proper hygiene.

This year is “the year of the nurse” and boy nothing could be truer. Salute those nurses who have come into work every day not knowing what they would be facing. It is not easy to do what they are doing.

It is emotionally draining planning for all the numerous scenarios. Nurses have extended themselves beyond what they normally do. They have changed their hours, their duties and their responsibilities at a moment’s notice.

They have put themselves at risk along with their families and done it selflessly. Nursing has always been an honorable profession and they are proving it time and again.

I have never been more proud of my nursing colleagues than now. They deserve every bit of recognition they receive, so when you see a nurse or hear about what they are doing to prepare and keep us safe make sure you let them know how wonderful and valuable they are.

The work they do is worth more than just about any profession.




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