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Quit naming history’s villains


The April 30 “Today in History” concerning the tragedy at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte you go out of you way to mention the psycho shooter’s name but conspicuously leave out the student hero’s name.

The student that gave his life to save the lives of so many under fire. How long will it take before the people of the media become aware that they are, to a great degree, responsible for these atrociously evil actions by proliferating and immortalizing the names of such criminals? The late newsman Paul Harvey had it figured out: After reporting a story such as this he would say “… and the perpetrator would undoubtedly want me to give his name, but I won’t.”

You, the powerful media, should follow his example. Good day.


Silver Creek JCC is proud of our nurses


With National Nurses Week celebrated May 6 to 12 this year, there is no better time to honor and thank those nurses on the front lines protecting our health and safety amid the global coronavirus pandemic and, in particular, the nearly 5,000 nurses who have graduated from Jamestown Community College since 1963.

JCC’s nursing program graduates have served communities all over the world. From nursing careers in the military, schools, hospitals, and medical practices, to public health and corrections facilities and research, JCC recognizes that our nursing graduates have left our classrooms to do great things in our communities, and are on the front lines keeping us safe. We are grateful for your care and protection.

JCC’s nursing program is offered at our campuses in Jamestown and Olean. Graduates are prepared to provide patient-centered care to individuals across the lifespan in a variety of healthcare settings. The highly regarded nursing program is delivered by a top notch faculty who work with students in healthcare agencies, bringing their exceptional clinical expertise to the program.

JCC’s nursing program directors, Kathy Taydus and Jennifer Visbisky, are role models for the standards of excellence that our student nurses must adhere to for successful completion of the program.

Our nursing faculty project the highest attributes of what we expect our graduates to reflect upon as they begin their professional careers.

We appreciate the outstanding mentoring and academic guidance JCC’s nursing faculty provide to our students. The most important lesson our faculty teach students is that the nursing profession is more than science. Nursing is the art of caring, determination, knowledge, and compassion that will guide us through the present crisis.

This week in particular, we say thank you to our nursing faculty and the students they have prepared, and for the quality program they maintain. As president of Jamestown Community College, I wish to say Happy National Nurses Week to all nurses in our communities and wherever you are serving, caring for those who are in need, and giving hope for a healthy and safe future.

DANIEL T. DeMARTE, president, Jamestown Community College

City’s summers filled with fun


I understand the limitations of the pandemic that so many fun events may have to be canceled.

Last year, thanks to Mayor Wilfred Rosas and his crew, we had some great summer fun. I hope that we will still are able to have some Music on the Pier activities, Memorial Park bands and boat races. Not only were all these events fun, they were brought to us without raising our taxes!

Thank you, Mayor Rosas!



Catholic Charities is serving many


Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Catholic Charities is continuing to serve the Chautauqua County community.

While we have had to make some modifications to comply with social distancing and other new safety policies, we continue to remotely operate our two offices — 425 Main St., Dunkirk, and 42 Dunham Ave., Jamestown — to help those in need. Since mid-March, we have provided services more than 309 times to more than 181 individuals and families in Chautauqua County.

Catholic Charities is helping to provide emergency assistance to those who may have nowhere to turn for basic needs such as food, prescriptions, heat and financial assistance. We also understand how a crisis like this can bring a fear of the unknown especially when coupled with anxiety and depression, which is why our mental health counselors are available to provide sessions via phone and other electronic technology.

If you or someone you know needs assistance in Chautauqua County, please call us directly at 484-9188 in Jamestown and leave a message, or 366-3533 in Dunkirk. Or you can reach the Catholic Charities COVID-19 helpline at 218-1419.

Thanks to our generous supporters, these crucial programs have been able to continue during this difficult time. If you are able to help, please visit ccwny.org/donation for more information. We are in this together for the safety and well-being of our community.


Chautauqua County district director,

Catholic Charities


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