Kershnar missed some key points


Dr. Stephen Kershnar presents his views about “systemic racism” in his recent column “Another perspective on the protests,” (June 17) at a time when we have to strive always to discuss such critical topics openly if we are to seek to understand the history and future of our great Nation. I thank him for his contribution, and I do know that he welcomes feedback and thoughtful dialogue, which is in the spirit for my writing this response.

My main regret about his commentary is that I believe he does not even begin to touch on the deeper reasons for racism as it is now perceived by so many.

For example, his column is almost totally devoid of discussion about how racism has evolved, including such topics as:

¯ Slavery.

¯ Jim Crow Era, with its vast array of evils and discrimination.

¯ Supreme Court’s Brown vs. Board of Education Decision, 1954, focused on segregated and inferior public education.

¯ “Redlining” of sale of real estate, denying housing to minorities.

¯ Discrimination in trade unions barring minorities from employment.

These are all virtually missing in Dr. Kershnar’s commentary, and the list goes on and on.

And as for identifying President Barack Obama as a “criminal,” I simply do not understand this reference without specific documentation for such a label, regardless of anyone’s overall political persuasion.

I appreciate your invitation to send my comments to your editorial email page and would welcome discussing this topic with Dr. Kershnar should he ever so desire in the interest of sharing and caring about the topic of perceived racism so much in the news worldwide today.


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