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Without a ‘D,’

Goodell has critics


This is in response to “Goodell missed chance at rally” (June 13) in which the author claims to be disappointed about Assemblyman Andrew Goodell declining to speak at the recent peace demonstrations, aka political rally.

She says Goodell might have helped to let people know racial justice should not be about political affiliation, yet her letter makes it just that. I highly suspect if Goodell had a “D” before his name rather than an “R” her letter would not have been written. I think most likely Goodell simply read the room and intelligently declined.

She writes, “Perhaps he was afraid his real boss, President Trump, might be listening.

Trump is not his real boss. We the People are. But if Trump were his boss, Goodell would be wise to choose his words carefully. After all, he’ll be working for him for four more years.


Bear Lake


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