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Poppy sale means so much to VFW post


The Sheridan Memorial Post 6390 Veterans of Foreign Wars would like to extend a grateful thanks to Brad Balentine, manager of the Fredonia Walmart, for allowing us to sell poppies at the Route 60 store.

We would also like to thank the many dedicated workers who were able to make this drive a success.

We are especially appreciative to the many people who so generously donated during these trying times. We sell poppies to remember our dead by helping the living. The money we collected will help immensely.

Many thanks to all.


senior chairman,


Biden has ability to restore ‘soul’


While President Donald Trump rules the country with deliberate ignorance creating chaos and crisis focusing only on his political image, Joe Biden is focusing on what the country will be facing in January when, hopefully his administration takes office.

As vice president, he gained a lot of relevant experience. For example, Biden was personally responsible for the distribution of the 787 billion dollar stimulus that pulled us out of the 2008 recession.

The current crisis has exposed many structural problems in health care, economic security, disaster response and long term planning.

In May, Biden and Bernie Sanders put together six task forces to look at these problems with a balance of moderation and progressiveness. Biden intends to be a “bridge” to the next generation of Democrats. He probably will not adopt Medicare for All or the Green New Deal in its entirety, but he does have a substantial agenda that includes a universal health care plan in which every American has quality affordable health care and a serious national climate change policy.

Joe Biden is a decent, reassuring political figure running, as he often says, “to restore America’s soul”. This is the kind of person Chautauqua Cattaraugus Women’s Action Group supports and I should think most Americans want to lead us out of crisis and into a future healthy society and stable economy.


Conewango Valley


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