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Unused NRG plant must be eliminated


In case anyone in the Dunkirk-Fredonia area has forgotten, the old NiMo and NRG plant has been dormant for more than a few years. As I drove by the lake the other night to admire the sunset as I turned to the right my view was blocked by this enormous black ominous ugly plant and acid rain producing smokestacks. You can picture the site.

Government leaders are trying to help by investing energy, money and political capital into hope to convince another corporation to purchase an environmental hazard zone. We should face the facts that may not happen. Instead we should turn toward demanding NRG begin to tear down the complex and clean up the brown field site before they go through bankruptcy and passing the cleanup bill to city of Dunkirk.

If anyone has traveled one hour west to Erie, Pa., and had the pleasure to visit Presque Isle State Park you can picture my suggestion. New York state should offer to purchase that small sandbar peninsula that NRG owns and create a beautiful Lake Shore State Park similar to Presque Isle.

It would make a perfect beach and picnic area along with fishing and boating access. We now have the chance to create something beautiful and preserved for the city of Dunkirk. Let’s seize this opportunity that comes once in a lifetime and tear down those stacks.



Dunkirk disputes overshadow strides


As has been noted in other letters to the editor, it is time to turn the page and set aside any personal agendas everyone in City Hall seems to have.

I have applauded the mayor and previous council’s progress in the last several years as they have tried to help the city of Dunkirk move forward. Whoever hired Rebecca Yanus was a genius as she has gone above and beyond to find grants and monies to help projects develop. Kudos to her!

The constant friction has to stop. All of you were elected to act as one unit and keep the momentum going in order to help the city and its people. I am one of those people. I still believe.




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