Portland Town Board puts constituents first

People’s column


This is an open letter to the Portland Town Board. Please be aware of the gratitude you deserve for performing your office for the benefit of all our community.

I have witnessed the hours and energy you give to be sure that Brocton and its surrounding area is well governed. Thank you for keeping a moratorium on allowing wind turbines into the area. Considering the huge impact they will make on the lake plain that is a very wise decision.

You have already made one step for the area’s environmental integrity and I hope you will make a giant step for the whole environment and never lift that moratorium.

Please consider the trouble now happening in Cassadaga with that wind turbine company breaking labor laws and importing workers when they had offered to use local laborers. They also are not adhering to COVID-19 requirements and endangering our whole community with this reckless practice.

Does this not speak of the lack of integrity of these companies? Soon our beautiful hills will be dominated by the ugly towers that are producing profits elsewhere but not much energy for our community. In the future we will be seeing less eagles, hawks and bats because of them. But this does not have to happen in the beautiful lake plain.

Please hold firm for our environment, our true wealth, which is nature.




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