Water issue part of larger problem


Is anyone asking this question: what happened to our water supply?

Fredonia in the past enjoyed the best tasting water, year after year. With the absence of the Carriage House, the demand on the water has drastically decreased, so you can’t blame the warm summer.

Supply exceeds the current demand on the system. Former Mayor Athanasia Landis procured thousands of dollars to correct the water supply issues in the northern quadrant of the village. I would hope the village’s water supply will not be compromised due to the COVID pandemic that allegedly caused the problem, or other governing municipalities across the nation would be having the same problem.

It appears that no one is managing the village. You can’t hand out bottled water to residents under the pretense of doing a good deed. This is an absolute mismanagement of one of the basic functions of local government, which is paid for by the residents and end users.

Someone needs to answer for this, and it should be the person at the top.




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