Country needs dose of truth


To any fair-minded person, it’s obvious how the media — a megaphone for the Democratic National Committe — distort, misinform, disinform and obscure the truth. Those easily manipulated believe without question as the radical Democrat/Socialist leadership sets the scene and steers the ship.

Too many of those who lack foresight don’t see the inevitable outcome they’ve become a part of. The elite and international “banksters” who have been working this disinformation started this a long time ago.

After World War I with Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, they hoped the League of Nations would bring the world together in a tidy envelope for world control. However, Henry Cabot Lodge interceded and prevented what would be disaster.

After World War II these elite and “banksters” orchestrating behind the scenes, were offered the land in New York City by the Rockefellers for the U.N. and the U.S. now becomes drawn into this quagmire for future world government control.

We are at the crossroads now, will we opt for freedom for ourselves and fellow man or will we fall into the pit and be stripped of our freedoms and God-given rights. Those who came before us fought and died for these freedoms. Are we willing to throw them away, never to get them back and live like those in third-world countries with no rights and no ownership?




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