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Biden will help retirees


This is a message to senior voters. Election Day is almost here, and everyone needs to turn out to vote. That’s especially true for older New Yorkers.

The candidates for president could not be any different and the retirement security for millions of Americans is on the line.

Vice President Joe Biden has laid out a detailed plan to protect and expand our earned Social Security benefits. He will strengthen the system by making the wealthier Americans pay their fair share into the system, and increase benefits for those who need it the most.

President Trump has said he will eliminate the payroll tax. The Social Security actuary says that plan means retirement benefits will stop in 2023. I have worked my entire life for Social Security. It’s my money. I earned it. I’m going to vote for the candidate who gets it.

The deadly coronavirus has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of older Americans. Sadly, according to the scientists, it didn’t have to be this bad. The federal government’s botched response has led to premature death for too many seniors. But the pandemic isn’t the only health care issue to think about when voting for our next president.

Seniors need to think about the future of Medicare too.

Biden has a plan to improve Medicare. He will expand benefits to include vision, dental and hearing –saving seniors money every year. He will take on the powerful pharmaceutical corporations by requiring Medicare to lower prices for the drugs we need

President Trump has done nothing to lower drug prices, and has repeatedly said that cuts to Medicare are “on the table.”

Health care is on the ballot, and I encourage all seniors to vote for Joe Biden because he knows how important Medicare is for older people.



Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees

Disability funds are at risk


State funding is being drastically cut from services and agencies that deal with the developmentally disabled population.

The cut in funding will dramatically affect services, staffing, group homes, commuinity programs and any agency that offers help to these individuals. Please take the time to write to state legislators, senators, the govenor to advocate for restoring funding.

Does it seem fair to reduce money spent on this population and altering their quality of life? Surely there are other sources from which to draw money that will not impact those who cannot advocate for themselves.

Let’s make our voices heard on behalf of our loved ones so they can stay safe and develop to their full potential with the assistance of programs and staff to help them. Your help is needed!




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