Officials slow to get info out


Officials seem to think an uninformed community is a happy community. Not so!

Recently, and in the past, there have been disturbing and frightening incidents which have occurred. When a drive-by shooting is reported and schools are placed in lockdown, I want to know that there are possibly two to three armed persons on the streets!

The same with break-ins of cars and homes! I don’t want to see it on Facebook, or hear it on the phone from someone, second or third hand! I want to be informed! Not days or weeks after the incident!

Regarding the information we are allowed by the County Health Department, they guard all information! I read with some annoyance, the complaints of “private” clubs, of information finally released, on hot spots in the community.

There was actually a complaint of discrimination! This would almost, be funny, if the reason so many “private” clubs exist in this area wasn’t discrimination Keep those people out!

Happy and healthy holidays to all.




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