Party powers hurt limits


We are in trouble as a nation regardless of who wins this election. For too long we’ve been saddled with red and blue politicians who resemble hogs with two snouts, enriching themselves at the public trough. We must start the process of installing term limits for every elected office. Two terms and you’re out of Congress, and one term of five years for President so he/she doesn’t spend enormous amounts of time and money on re-election.

Next install a 15-year term for Supreme Court justices. Allow each party to nominate a judge when there’s a vacancy, then let the people decide with their vote.

Next install a mandatory 60-day time limit for the Senate to vote on any bill passed by the House. We’ve allowed Mitch McConnell (and Harry Reid before him) to delay, block, and hinder the legislative process. No one person should ever have such power.

Politicians want to maintain their privileged lifestyle, and they know it will take an enormous amount of time, energy and courage by “we the people” to institute such changes. Every American needs to ask whether we are up to the task.


formerly of Gowanda,



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