People’s column

Seeking unity

in America


How can we help re-unite America?

By petitioning for our money’s worth, from every Party Politician, (we pay their salaries) to make decisions in our best interest, even though that may require crossing the aisle when something is good for America. There should be a harmony and an overwhelming majority in favor of all good things and likewise an overwhelming majority opposed to all evil things, so America grows forward to the good. Remember: “One nation under God.” Apply the “Golden Rule.”

Are Republicans wrong to confirm Amy Coney Barrett as U.S. Supreme Court Justice? No.

And are Democrats right to spitefully deny Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation? No.

Question: Is abortion pre-meditated murder by hiring a hit man to make the kill? Let the court rule.

The Supreme Court should not be divided, by making decisions favoring a few lobbyists while ignoring the best interest of the American people! When the Supreme Court rules with eight out of nine decisions in harmony, or better yet, make that 9 out of 9, America will no longer be divided. Set an example for U.S!.




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