Pro-life words need action


I’d like to respond to a recent letter that noted, “vote your conscience and faith” (Oct. 31). Professing to be pro-life is more then being against abortion; it is believing in the right to life “from womb to tomb.”

Is it pro-life to allow a baby to be born, then limit the means by which that child can live a decent life?

Is it pro-life to reduce WIC and food stamps for that child?

Is it pro-life to discontinue unemployment benefits to that child’s parents?

Is it pro-life to allow corporations to pollute the air that that child breathes, the water she drinks and the dirt he plays in?

Is it pro-life to suppress the right of that adult child to vote?

Is it pro-life to disallow a child entry into our country to seek a safer, more secure life?

As of today, there are still 545 children who were separated from their parents at the southern border, and whose now deported parents cannot be located.

Is it pro-life to refuse to institute a national policy to reduce the voracious spread of the coronavirus?

As of Oct. 15, the CDC reported 1,097 cases — average age, 8 years — and 20 deaths in the U.S. of Multisymptom Inflammatory Disease, related to the coronavirus. The number of infants and children testing positive for the coronavirus is increasing daily.

At various times in my life, I’ve belonged to all the major political parties, including the Right to Life party.

Now, I vote the issues at stake.

Who will do the most good for the vast majority of Americans? Who is pro-life “from womb to tomb?” No matter what party we’re registered as, we must ask ourselves these questions. One may also want to research “Democrats For Life,” an organization that is working to remove abortion rights from the party platform.




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