Weak counter to column


In the People’s column (Nov. 30), a writer urges that the SUNY Board of Trustees fire your columnist Professor Stephen Kershnar from his position with SUNY Fredonia. Reason: “We cannot have a professor… be allowed to promote complete fabrications of the truth.” The writer bases his accusations on Dr. Kershnar’s column of Nov. 18.

That writer presents no specific statement of Kershnar’s to offer as a “fabrication.”

That would be the first thing to do in a reasoned debate. Once having presented that statement, he should then bring in facts to prove that Kershnar’s statement is false. None of this has been done. The writer merely states that Kershnar’s writings are false.

But the most un-American, most Fascist item in the writing is that a professor should be fired, robbed of his livelihood, because his presentation in a newspaper conflicts with what the writer imagines to be true. It is incredible that in our United States of America, a citizen would demand dismissal of a professor because he doesn’t agree with his ideas expressed, by the way, in in a public forum, not in his classes.




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