Another take on Arizona sheriff


I only had to read the first paragraph in Susan Bigler’s commentary “There’s still time for more time for damage” (Jan. 2) to realize this writer is filled with lies and hatred. What she wrote about Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona, abusing immigrants, is a total lie. If she meant illegal immigrants you would still be a liar! Yes, he would take them into custody, as he should. But abuse them? No!

I know Sheriff Joe. He is tough but compassionate. He is a son of immigrant parents who traveled from Italy, in search of a new life in America. I first met Joe at a dinner in his honor.

I shared, with others, his stories of how strict his parents were in raising him. Some people think he was tough on some of the inmates in his prison. His reply to this was he just wanted them to not be too comfortable and come back!


formerly of Colden,

Sun City West, Ariz.


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