‘Good people’ can be wrong


I rely on your newspaper so much to inform me of the day’s and community ‘s happenings. But some news gets beyond my comprehension.

This is especially true considering former President Donald Trump. When it was reported that he said that both sides of the Charlottesville demonstration contained “good people,” I was sort of stunned. How could outright supremists be considered “good people?”

One of the foundational principles of my faith is to confirm the basic integrity and worth of every individual. But these people, just like the mob who attacked the Capitol Building, are a real threat to the democratic government we established so long ago. How could I look at these people as anything but the enemy? Now I think I have it figured out.

All of these people have a core of goodness within them. They are fathers and mothers with children who love them. They have fears, anxieties and joys just like me. They are good people. But by their attitudes and actions they are not good for our country. They undermine the integrity and basic beliefs of our nation. Trump is a good person. But he was not good for our nation.




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