Job losses grow under Biden


Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been ignored by the prescient administration.

To exasperate this basic right, President Joe Biden picked John Kerry, to run the climate debacle. Kerry, during the Vietnam War, testified before Congress our troops killed women and children on a regular basis. In war time women and children do get killed, but to accuse our troops of committing these acts to terror on a regular basis is demeaning to our armed service and the country.

Many of the people who voted in the last election were not born yet or if they were do not remember, I was and I remember. The result of his indiscretion was the harassment our troops were exposed too when they returned home. They were called baby killers and were pelted with all kinds of debris.

As a veteran of the Korean War, I was deeply angered and saddened by this most disrespectful act caused by people like Kerry. He told us on TV those that lose their jobs can go out and find another one. Like making solar panels or windmills. Many of the jobs lost are done by skilled workers and receive high pay. Biden and his cronies have no clue to what makes up the workforce in America.

To deprive those who wish to work to fulfill their dream of retiring and enjoy the good life is contradictory to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” To kill these jobs is in human and disgraceful!


former Dunkirk-Fredonia resident,

Sun City West, Ariz.


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