There’s worries with lake turbines


The big corporations speak of renewable energy, but the one thing that is not renewable is our great lakes. They always compare how many houses the wind farm turbines power.

I say what is wrong with solar roof-top construction on homes those that want it get it installed and let the government subsidize the homeowners instead of the big corporations? This way the homeowners win and our only source of fresh water for supporting life and recreation the Great Lakes will stay pristine from the unknown risks of installing turbines in our drinking water.

By subsidizing the homeowner it goes directly to them by passing the big corporations.

I am not anti-renewable but I am against the destruction of one of nature’s resources for our drinking water. These big turbine corporations have come in and destroyed our countryside in Chautauqua County taken away our beautiful environment. They have reduced home values and caused certain health problems.

Now these turbine companies want your fresh water lakes. Say no to this stop it now. Do whatever small part you can to let them know we want no turbines in our Lake Erie.

George Borrello, our state senator, has a website with a petition please take the time to sign it. Sit back and do nothing they win. That petition can be found at https://www.nysenate.gov/petitions/george-m-borrello/stop-placement-industrial-wind-turbines-lake-erie


Silver Creek


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