Cuomo’s attitude turns rotten


To Gov. Andrew Cuomo. I actually approve of many things you have done. I’ve been a Democrat for years, though a bit libertarian leaning. Face facts though. You have failed.

Entirely separate from the issues of governance in this state, where while we are trying hard — and it shows — we are unable to do simple things like have a single point of contact for state COVID vaccines and clinics in all of our counties, you have failed us on a personal level.

I understand that you say you weren’t aware of how your actions were perceived. Do you understand that is not a valid excuse?

I am retired from working for a state executive agency. As part of my employment I was required to attend — virtually for my last decade — sexual harassment training. I can only conclude from your actions that as governor, you were not required to take the training that Civil Service employees were.

If you had taken this training you would have realized that your behavior was unacceptable. Plain and simple, it was wrong. You have behaved in ways that are actually used in training state staff as examples of what not to do. A state employee would have been hauled into the HR office, shown their signature attesting to attending the training and fired. At the very least you owe us some groveling.

You really need to show us that you are aware you have been wrong and have taken steps to atone and apologize.

Your arrogance in behaving this way shows that you think you are better than the ordinary people of New York who work hard every day to keep this state running. If I were your supervisor I would recommend probation at least and possibly termination at this point. You have a bad attitude, Mr. Cuomo and you need to smarten up.




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