‘Grateful for lessons’ taught by mothers


“Mother, a woman who loves unconditionally,

leads by example, and puts others before herself.”

Sunday is a day to honor motherhood and all mothers. As a son, husband and brother, I am grateful for the lessons learned from the women in my life. Especially my own mother.

As a young man I felt and did as most young men at the time. It was my mother, however, who through her wisdom, helped me to see that it was better to serve than to be served. Family and community are the things that are important, and it is that which I learned from her.

Serving others is not always easy, and it is not always the foremost thing in one’s mind, but it is the lessons of caring, love and compassion that are taught by mothers; and it is these lessons I learned from my own mother for which I am grateful.

As we celebrate those mothers in our lives this weekend, let us remember their sacrifices, and lessons learned as a result of their love.

To all mothers everywhere, thank you. And, happy Mother’s Day.


Dunkirk mayor


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