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Fredonia School Board had strong candidates

Dear Editor:

I decided to write this letter the morning of the Fredonia Board of Education letter. As I watched the debate again and struggled to make my decision I realized what an impressive field of candidates we have. All five of the candidates are quality people and we are lucky to have this level of interest.

To the two new board members, congratulations and good luck. I am confident you will balance your role as advocate for both students and taxpayers. To the three candidates who were not elected, thank you, please stay involved in the community. Your ideas and passion are appreciated.

Thank you!



Columnist makes claims without evidence


Concerning Dr. Elf’s commentary about keeping the focus going forward was (un)shockingly devoid of any facts to support his claims. He stated, “Based on what we know so far, 2020 presidential-election illegalities appear to have overwhelmingly benefited Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden. And the illegalities are extensive.” He continues to pepper his pro-trumpliqon commentary with the word “illegalities”.

It seems to me that if these supposed illegalities are “overwhelming” and “extensive”, then Dr. Elf should have had no problem in supplying the readers the facts backing up his claims. I mean, there is no shortage of facts, judicial decisions, investigations, and even GOP representatives’ comments showing the exact opposite to be true.

I am also curious if Dr. Elf also believes the Trump-fueled riot at the Capitol Building was nothing more than a normal tourist excursion, as his cult leaders claim in their propagandistic re-write of history. Focus on the facts, Doc.


Lily Dale


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