Stale writer won’t fool me again


This is in response to an editorial commentary by Richard Makuch (April 19).

To be honest, I quit reading this particular column a long time ago. The reason for that was that every commentary was essentially the same thing. The writer complains about the same topics, without any supporting evidence, over and over again.

I actually enjoy reading pieces from people who have opinions that I do not share. But, reading columns that simply demonize certain groups or topics while repeating the same misinformation time after time isn’t helpful, interesting, or thought-provoking.

Frankly, it’s like reading one long run-on sentence that has no format, basis, or logical train of thought.

That said, the headline of the commentary on this date caught my eye; “Complaining not fixing nation’s woes”.

Against all odds, I thought that, perhaps, the author had determined that repeating his usual (primarily inaccurate) rants was not productive. I will admit, the headline caught my attention so I read the article.

In it, the author complained about “Democrats in Washington,” the impeachments of the former President, Democrats being “anti-our way of life”, “anti-working Americans,” “anti-citizens of this country,” and going out of their way to “upset” this country. He then proceeded to complain about “fake news television networks” and “nuts in Hollywood.”

After that, his rants turned towards the assertion that “they” want “illegals” to have driver’s licenses and “everything for free.”

Finally, there was the old (false) accusation that Democrats want “socialism” and create “unrest” whenever “they” don’t get their way.

He wrapped it all up by saying that this “lunacy” needs to end. On that final point, I agree but not in the way the author would prefer.

That’s a lot of complaining by someone who doesn’t like people complaining.

I am not certain how the headline could have been any more misleading.

Either way, the headline writer did me a great personal service. I can go back to never wasting my time reading another one of those columns.




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