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Climate events before our eyes


I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the letter published July 3. The writer says that efforts to hold back climate change are “self-serving and presumptive.”

How can anyone honestly and with a straight face suggest that we mustn’t be doing everything we possibly can to put the brakes on climate change with all our might?

Hundreds of people died this past week in the Pacific Northwest because of climate change related heat. Farmers in California are triaging crops for the drought. Sea level rise is wreaking havoc in Miami. Climate change is an emergency right now.

Wind turbines on the Great Lakes would be a vastly more benign and humanitarian use of resources than oil-leaking tankers, the pipelines, and the pollution belching fossil fuel-burning industries that ring the Lakes. Science is crying for society to move to renewable energies like wind.

Who are these industrial lobbyists who have the ear of Albany?

Frankly, if there were influencers for renewables with stronger voices than the fossil fuel lobbyists’ who actually do have their ear, we’d be a lot further along, as we should be, with renewable energy.




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