State must help disabled


It’s a shame that the state of New York doesn’t want to subsidize nonprofit agencies that service disabled children and adults and their families.

Families with disabled children and adults can’t get all the help and services they need from the non-profit agencies due to a lack of funding from the state of New York.

The agencies can’t afford to pay their support staff a livable wage with benefits because the state is too cheap to subsidize agencies.

The individuals who benefit from these agencies depend on the services and their support staff to help them and their families with their needs.

A lot of the employees who work for non-profit agencies who work with the disabled are leaving their jobs and taking other jobs that can pay them a lot more than they are making.

The individuals depend on their staff to help with their needs.

There also has to be family and guardian involvement and advocating for their loved ones’ programs and services.

If you don’t, there will not be any programs and services for them.

I encourage you to write, call, fax and email your state lawmakers and put the bug in their ear. Something needs to be done about it and think about it.




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