Columnist spews ‘falsehoods’


I see the good Dr. — by virtue of a Ph.D — Randy Elf is once again peddling political snake oil. His opinion piece (Aug. 18) references a certain “Dr.” John Droz, who isn’t any kind of “Dr.” at all. “Dr.” Droz claims that in the “2020 presidential election, swing-state Nevada had 130,000 unique instances of voter fraud.” However, the Nevada Supreme Court derided a GOP appeal based on this allegation as “reckless” and “lacking any legal basis.”

Further, the Court stated, “The evidence submitted by the contestants was reviewed in full, and the district court found that it “lacked citation to facts,” had undergone “no quality control,” and witnesses had produced “little to no verification” of numbers and had “little to no information” about data origin. The Court also found “that the expert testimony provided by Contestants was of little to no value… The Court is concerned about the failure of these experts to verify the data they were relying on.” Lastly, the Court opined that the “contestants’ claims fail on the merits … or under any other standard.”

And speaking of “the merits” of Trump’s challenges, Trump did not win most of the cases decided on the merits as Elf claims. He didn’t win a single case decided on the merits, proof, or even facts. So why is Elf continuing to pound on the table by publishing these falsehoods?


Lily Dale


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