Every hero needs recognition


It will soon be the 20th anniversary of 9/11. I would like to thank and compliment the OBSERVER and Janice Gee for the free printing of the Our Heroes pictures each and every year ever since.

The very first year in 2002, 9/11 was fresh in our minds and there was a high degree of patriotism. So many photos were submitted that a whole separate section was devoted to those pictures. It was indeed a splendid supplement. Entire police and fire departments submitted photos.

However ever since, each year the number of photos has decreased, so much so that last year they did not even fill up an entire page. I do not feel our patriotism has decreased but 9/11 is no longer so fresh in our minds. For those who were affected it will always be fresh.

My son enlisted in the Air Force in December of 2001, so I have proudly submitted his photo each and every year. One doesn’t even have to mail it in but can do it easily via email. This took me less than one minute to do.

The entire community is proud of all of our hometown heroes serving at home and abroad, whether it is in the military or police, firefighters, emergency medical response, etc.

Please help us honor all of them by sending in their photos by Sept 3. All of us really do want to see their pics! Don’t leave it for another day or for someone else to do, do it now!




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