Pennsylvania has income advantage


John D’Agostino notes that Warren County, Pa., “has a minimum wage that is 42% less than New York state, has higher median household income at $50,250 and its poverty rate is 13.5%, which is 3% less than here at home” in his Editor’s corner on Nov. 19.

Home is Chautauqua County, New York, the publication site of the OBSERVER and The Post-Journal.

He does not mention that Warren County and adjoining McKean County both have oil refineries which no county in New York state now has. These refineries presumably pay higher wages than manufacturing operations in Chautauqua County, thus strongly suggesting financial reasons for greater household income.

New York State has environmental restrictions that make oil refineries noncompetitive with similar operations in Pennsylvania.

Furthermore, Pennsylvania has fracked oil wells, thus producing more petroleum products than New York state where fracking is not permitted.




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