We need leadership during pandemic


It’s to bad, “you don’t know,” Mr. County Executive PJ Wendel! Perhaps some research.

For your part, could you find a way to protect the citizens of Chautauqua County? “This mandate is unenforceable.”

We depend on our neighbors to follow it — for each other’s benefit.

Some encouragement from your office may help. If state Sen. George Borrello thinks this mandate is “a burden,” try sitting outside an ER, in your car for six to 12 hours, or longer, waiting for a family member to be triaged!

It seems we expect the federal and state government to solve it all, and pay for it! I’d like to hear a plan from either of you! I’d like a contribution, not constant objection! The No. 1 thing on your minds is keep the businesses open. This can’t happen without cooperation of the public and leadership from you!

I did see a possible move forward suggested recently: Make N95 masks available to everyone, especially school children!




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