More politics in Fredonia


Welcome to 2022, better known as the year we all can hopefully have a better year than last year. Yet again, some things just never change, such as playing politics, especially when it comes to the village of Fredonia.

Last summer, the Fredonia chief of police announced his retirement. The village trustees, following the direction on the proper way to hire a new chief of police, followed what the lawyer stated. Post the job, requirements and so on. The previous Village Board conducted their interviews, got it down to a final group and hired the most qualified person for the job: Joseph Gerace.

We all know his qualifications as it has been noted by numerous press releases over the years — 20-plus years as the county sheriff, twp years as police chief for Chautauqua — with an effective date of Dec. 13. I’ve had many conversations over the years with him, totally down to earth guy, doesn’t play politics nor blame the other party. Mention his kids, his eyes beam brighter than the sky.

Fast forward to Jan. 4. The headline: Gerace out, David Price named new chief of police. One could argue that it was a lame duck village of Fredonia that hired Gerace.

So to get back on point to the Jan. 3 announcement, let me ask a couple very simple straight forwarded questions: was the position relisted for the public to apply? Probably not. How about a halfway believable reason for termination? Of course there isn’t one listed, though it’s a good chance it had to do with affiliation.

Congratulations village of Fredonia trustees for opening the year and playing politics with no reasonable excuse for termination. Shame on you! If this goes on as a civil suit, the board will reap the problem that they created and leave taxpayers footing the bill.

For the record, I am a registered Republican who votes person over party. Hoping many in the village will agree.




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