Republicans on wrong road


Let’s deal in straight talk. The only reason Republican politicians are kissing up to President Donald Trump is because of their precious re-election. They want to maintain their privileged lifestyle, and their positions of power. Many are living in an alternate universe, and no amount of logic, reason or evidence will convince them that they’re going down the wrong road.

My advice to each of them is find another line of work — those of you with law degrees, go into private practice. Or enroll in a trade school, enabling you to do something useful with your life.

The American people are not interested in your bizarre theories about the election which would be laughable if they weren’t so dangerous. I know you can’t be persuaded to change your opinions, so I wont even try.

There are only two responses to your belief system: the rest of us will pray for you, and pledge not to become like you.


formerly of Gowanda,



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