Use caution planning with Van Buren


I was disheartened to read about potential changes in zoning near Van Buren (March 7). I realize that no firm decisions have been made but wanted to share my thoughts with the Pomfret Town Board and its supervisor while they consider options.

Many at Van Buren Point (and Bay, and no doubt other communities along the lake front) are longtime residents, and have deep affection for the area at large, not just our own backyards. I have been coming to “the lake” since I was literally a baby – now over 75 years ago (gasp!). Since I have changed locations over the years because of work, “the lake” is my home base, even though I only am able to spend a limited time here in any given year.

It is important to me, and I would venture to say to many of my long-time area companions, that the wider area survive and thrive. Our property and school taxes to Pomfret and Portland certainly contribute to the overall wellbeing of this wonderful area, even though, for example, our own children do not go to area schools. We enjoy and support many area events, and businesses and hope to continue to do so as long as we can.

At the same time, we know that times change. We too have concerns about the best ways to keep the best of the old along with support for new and better ways of living together. We have had our share of issue to contend with – the pollution of the ’60s, a rising lake with shoreline erosion with more and more severe weather conditions. As a low point ecologically, Van Buren Point has experienced severe flooding of our area, in part from runoff as a result of increased development and paving further west along Route 5 over many years.

Personally, I am not against thoughtful development, but I hope that you will explore in earnest the concerns we have about increased traffic, congestion, and protecting our properties from potential trespass that may result. We want to be good neighbors and hope you will help ensure that future development builds mutual goodwill and respect.


Amherst, Mass.,

and Van Buren Point


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