People’s column: Hospital closing would be a dagger


The time for the discussion of where the location for the new hospital will be has passed some time ago and that decision has been made.

Studies were performed and public input was considered and all necessary approvals were received including the approval of state grant funding of $74 million.

What weighs heavy on the people of this region is that the construction has not begun yet and the current outdated Brooks Hospital facility will undoubtedly close soon. The reason why the committed funding has not been released yet is unknown but what is known is that the loss of this project will have a profound negative impact on the quality of life for this region’s people, health and welfare, businesses, employment, enrollment at local universities, general economy and the population size of Northern Chautauqua County.

Now is not the time for protests, deadlines are very near, it is the time for all of our elected public officials to come together and support the need for the release of the grant funding and complete this project for the good of the people.

Once complete, this project will serve as an catalyst for growth and development but most importantly it will better serve the medical needs of the people.


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