People’s column: With guns, there’s too much ‘control’


We constantly hear “gun control,” which has now evolved into “we need to take illegal guns off the streets.” When you actually think about these statements – what are they saying? Or to be more precise, what are they not saying about personal responsibility.

A gun is an object that has no control over its use. However, to anti-Second Amendment politicians and media, it is an out of control “thing” that is killing people. Where is the individual’s responsibility for his/her actions? Somehow, the criminal is the innocent bystander.

The anti-Second Amendment politicians believe that making more laws, restrictions, bans and regulations that will only impact law-abiding gun owners, will solve our crime problem.

When anything happens, they quickly broadcast that message — loud and clear, playing on our fears and sympathy. If we ban or restrict guns our problems will disappear. Trust them, this will work – this time – even it has never worked before! Keep playing the same song and expecting different results. If only they could convince criminals to start following the law.

Our Justice System is supposed to see that criminals are held responsible for their actions. Unfortunately, we have politicians in authority that believe their “social justice” policies will solve the criminal problem. These individuals are one of the root causes of crime in America. Our Judicial system must bear the blame for not ensuring that our Constitution and Bill of Rights are enforced.

A scary quote from former Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, “… the Constitution is what the judges say it is …” I thought it was supposed to be what the framers of the Constitution said it was,




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