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Sherman theft occurred in ‘chaos’


Many small municipalities operated as islands unto themselves, disregarding regulations, and state agency oversight.

It is unfortunate the damage of a past alack of internal controls and supervision of those who are no longer associated with the Village Board.

An employee who worked for the village for approximately 10 years — over six years in the past. This was during the time when dissolution was considered, that was particularly the time when the theft under the chaos was abundant, when everyone’s eyes were turned from the mission of serving the community.

The recent results of a long-awaited ending to what was discovered by the current administration has no reflection on the work and dedication of current village employees, or the progressive and committed efforts of the recent and current Board of Trustees.

The old “it’s just a little village” attitude is no longer accepted, the trustees recognize the authority of the many state regulatory agencies, have submitted Annual Financial Statements and have had internal controls since 2017.

The village most efficiently provides a stable and sustainable infrastructure, it is focusing new efforts on economic and community development, all while managing aging infrastructure and housing stock, addressing fast changes in the economy and environmental challenges.

It is not the population size of the municipality that matters, look at our friends in Ellicottville, it is the services that are provided and maintained in service to the community that determine the necessity of a municipality.




Road repair

makes difference


Our grateful thanks to Michelle Twichell, Fredonia village trustee, Bob Scudder, Chautauqua County legislator, Scott Marsh, Department of Public Works Supervisor and his three fine workers! With appreciation for their concern and a job well done on the road grate located at 36 Matteson St. It had fallen deeply below road level and with the work of these crews, it has been repaired.




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