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Party blinders worn on both sides


Sociopath, fascist, band of devotees, troubled disillusioned people, extremists, MAGA cultists, crime syndicate, violent fringe, dictator, etc.

Do these words sound or look familiar? They should! They’re used by the present administration and their supporters every day to describe half of the American people. Lies? You bet!

In a September commentary, a writer’s hatred for the former president was quite impressive. I didn’t think one person could spew so much ridiculousness to demonstrate their unrest.

The writer has insulted millions of people with her diatribe. I suggest she write about what’s happening at our border, our economy, inflation, rising crime, shaky foreign relations, instead of displaying your fear of Trump becoming president again.

Refusing to accept the fact that Trump was good for America does not make it untrue.

We are a divided nation and another fact to consider is that the Biden administration surely is not helping the situation.

God bless America!




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